Microsoft Surface is Annoying me

Ok, so Microsoft need to improve. We all know that. But I don’t think they are going the right way about it.

Firstly, they’ve released the Windows RT version of their new Microsoft Surface. Sure, it looks cool. But if you can’t install any PC programs on it, whats the point? I’d just get an Ipad!

I also don’t understand why they delayed the Windows 8 version of the Surface that allows you to install programs that you’ve used on your PC.

Maybe they are hoping to fool people into buying the RT version thinking they can install the full version of Office etc. And once the customer realises their mistake, they’ll have to buy the Windows 8 version too.

Secondly, their emails are a little misleading. I just received this…

Surface is the beautiful new way to work and play from Microsoft. Loaded with Windows RT, Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview, and fluid modern apps’

It says ‘work and play’, but without being able to install any PC software, how am I going to work? We use custom-written software to manage our clients accounts which will only work on PCs and Laptops. Not Windows RT. The version of Office that comes with Surface RT is a basic version. Not the full version you are used to.

It says ‘Loaded with…. fluid modern apps’. To me, ‘Loaded’ means full or plenty. But one of the main complaint ive heard so far is that there arent that many apps yet. Of course, that should be sorted over time.

My advice… if you really want windows…..wait for the Windows 8 version of the Surface…. or just get an ipad mini 🙂

And finally, the reason I wanted to write this post. I just saw a picture of a Microsoft store for the first time. Is it just me, or does it look surprisingly like an Apple store? I can’t see anything unique about it.

If not for the word MICROSOFT that was photoshoped in the background, I would have thought it was an Apple store.

p.s. Dont upgrade your non-touchscreen computer to Windows 8 if you don’t have to.

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