LogMeIn Price Increase (part 2)

I emailed them to query the pricing and got the most condescending email I’ve ever seen!

It started like this…

We are indeed introducing a new version of Central designed to deliver new value to all of our IT customers, while making it far easier for each and every Central customer to get the right product – and the capabilities – to meet their specific needs. No more, no less.

The new product is NOT my specific needs and IS MORE than I require. Adding extra features and charging more is exactly the opposite of ‘NO MORE, NO LESS’

I really take offense when you say that you deliver ‘new value’ to your IT customers.
It is not ‘new value’. You are forcing us to take extra features which we don’t use and don’t want.

DO NOT RENEW OUR ACCOUNT. I will certainly not be giving any LMI any further consideration.

My original post is here: http://www.danjourno.com/logmein-central-price-increase-forget-sas/

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