Logmein Central Price Increase – Forget SaS

Logmein has just announced a price increase. Last year we paid £117+vat. This year, our renewal is £350+vat!! That’s a £233 increase!

I found a nice list of alternative products. Some may be SaS. Screenconnect looks interesting.


I posted this on their forum and posting it here to ensure it remains on the internet for future browsers.

Time to forget the Software-As-Service model and purchase a remote solution to ensure my costs are fixed!

Logmein has become a joke and extememly annoyed all their clients by sending an email talking about the ‘All New Central’.

After last year’s removal of Logmein Free and subsequent price increases for Logmein Central, when I saw that email, I KNEW that ‘All New Central’ meant ‘All New Pricing’.

We Small Business IT Professionals have enough to deal with in our business without having to struggle with Logmein pricing. Really unfair of them, and I really hope people switch away from them quickly.

Just for the record, I’m switching away from them, even if it costs me more. I don’t use companies that treat their clients in this way. Strength in numbers.

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6 thoughts on “Logmein Central Price Increase – Forget SaS”

  1. Hi Dan. Unfortunatelly their prices policy will cost them some clients. I’m a Beanywhere user for a couple years and you should give it a try.


    1. I just tried to get pricing from them but they wanted to get their sales guys to call me back. Sends off warning bells with me if they can’t provide straight forward pricing instantly.

  2. Dan,

    Great post, I am through page 4 of the LMI forum. Anyhow, we are seriously looking into switching to Splashtop. They have a special package set up JUST FOR LMI USERS! Contact Jeff Tonkel. Its the best remote picture I have used so far!

    1. I looked at Splashtop but it wouldnt work for us.
      We give our users remote access to their own PCs. There was no extra charge for this with LMI but there seems to be with splashtop since they bill per user.
      I’m worried that ST will increase their pricing eventually and could end up being another LMI situation. I don’t want to end up being forced to waste more time switching.
      Im looking at ScreenConnect because it’s a one-off payment and self hosted. They optionally charge yearly for updates/support but I think that encourages them to improve and innovate their software.

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