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Excel Documents Opening Twice

A client recently called me because whenever she tried to open an Excel document, it opened twice.

After some research, I found that the issue only occurred with Password Protected Excel sheets when the Preview Pane is turned on in Windows Explorer.

The only real option to avoid confusion is to turn off Preview whenever you open a Password Protected Excel document.

Thanks for vinnyp for the answer given here:

Although that link discusses older versions of Excel, the issue my client was having was with Excel 2016.

Sorting by Surname when Firstname and Surname are in one column

Microsoft Excel – Howto Sort

This is a guide to sorting by Surname when the Firstname and the Surname are in one column.

Here goes.

You can’t without putting the firstname and the surname in separate columns.

However, there is an easy way to separate them.

1. Highlight all column that contains the firstname and surname.

2. Click the Data tab then click ‘Text To Columns’

3. Select the Delimited option and click Next>

4. Under Delimiters, check ‘Space’ and uncheck anythying else. Then press Next>

5. Click Finish and you should find that the Firstname and Surname have been separated to allow you to sort by Surname.