Lastpass Acquired by Logmein – Bye Bye

Logmein ( has done it again. Following their ridiculous price increases that caused many people to cancel their Logmein subscriptions, another product has now dead in my opinion.

Lastpass ( is a fantastic Password Manager. It syncronises over various devices and offers two factor authentication, even with their free version.

I’ve been using their free version for a year now and really love it. I was about to sign up to their paid version to get password access on my mobile.

That was before I saw an email saying they’ve been acquired by Logmein. Based on Logmein’s history of price increases and money grabbing, there is no reason to believe they aren’t going to pump up the pricing on Lastpass subscriptions.

Loads of angry Lastpass customers commenting here

I’m going to try out (Any other suggestions?)
A little more expensive than LastPass (at the moment), but when I left LMI, I promised myself that I wouldn’t give them a single penny more!

Good luck to all LastPass users.